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Jack Bogle

Jack Bogle And The Extraordinary History Of The Index Mutual Funds

Jack Bogle And The Extraordinary History Of The Index Mutual Funds by WealthTrack

It’s currently the winter fund raising season on public television so WEALTHTRACK may be preempted on your local station this week.  As a result, we are revisiting some recent programs that have been favorites with viewers and have maintained their timeliness.

In addition, we have found some new research of significance to long-term investors that we are putting on our website. New online this week is commentary from The Vanguard Group’s Founder and frequent  WEALTHTRACK  guest, Jack Bogle that was recently published in the Financial Analysts Journal.  Jack Bogle traces the extraordinary history of the index mutual fund industry he created and how much it has changed, for better and for worse, from his original intent.

Where the program is shown this weekend you will see our interview with Jason Zweig, a highly respected financial journalist who writes “The Intelligent Investor” column for The Wall Street Journal and is the author of several books including Your Money and Your Brain. Zweig is also the editor of the revised edition of Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor.

This week however Zweig discusses his latest tome, The Devil’s Financial Dictionary.

The book is modeled after the original The Devil’s Dictionary which was published in 1906 and authored by Ambrose Bierce, a then wildly popular satirist and contemporary of Mark Twain.

Zweig will share his inspiration for the book and how a better understanding of Wall Street can help us become more successful investors.

If WEALTHTRACK isn’t showing on your local station this week due to Pledge, you can always watch it on our website. You’ll also find our EXTRA interview with Zweig there.

Have a wonderful weekend and make the week ahead a profitable and productive one.

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Jack Bogle

Jack Bogle



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