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Leon Cooperman

Lee Cooperman: Advice On Starting A Hedge Fund

An interview and Q&A with billionaire investor and founder of Omega Advisors, Leon Cooperman. In this interview, Leon discusses starting Omega Advisors and gives advice to those looking to set up a Hedge Fund. Leon also talks about his early career at Goldman Sachs and battling the SEC on insider trading charges. Like if you enjoyed Subscribe for more:http://bit.ly/InvestorsArchive

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Video Segments: 0:00 Introduction 1:57 Your career? 8:37 Why did you leave Goldman Sachs? 13:37 Advice to those wanting to start a hedge fund? 21:19 Growing Omega and challenges? 34:28 What would you off done differently with the SEC? 41:12 Had did the insurance fair? 43:57 Goldman wanted to start a mutual fund? 45:11 Where do you see asset management going? 53:52 Start of Q&A 54:06 Why did you not invest in Berkshire Hathaway? 56:46 Opinion on cryptocurrency? 57:20 Thought process on discovering investments? 1:01:32 Balancing long term vs short term? Interview Date: 20th September, 2017 Event: The New York Hedge Fund Roundtable Original Image Source:http://bit.ly/LCoopermanPic1


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