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Mark Hart: The Yuan Devaluation Still Has 50% To Go

In September 2014, Mark Hart, founder of Corriente Advisors, predicted on Real Vision that China would be forced to devalue the Yuan. Almost a year later, on August 11, 2015, China began to devalue the Yuan. In this exclusive follow-up interview over a year later, Hart explains why he's expecting China to devalue the Yuan up to 50% further.

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Hart has been at the very forefront of the Chinese devaluation trade and finally broke his silence and legendary privacy by appearing on a Master Class interview on Real Vision to discuss his views. In this outstanding follow-up to his original interview, Mark lays out a roadmap for how the deflationary consequences of fiscal stimulus in the West and capital controls within China will lead to a far greater devaluation of the Yuan than anybody expects.

Hart's fund, Corriente Advisors, was one of the hedge funds who correctly predicted and profited from the sub-prime crisis, and had a special fund vehicle for the European sovereign crisis, which also was highly profitable for his investors. He then created the world's first special situations funds specifically structured for the devaluation of the RMB, and is just launching his third tranche of the fund.

Mark Hart: The Yuan Devaluation Still Has 50% To Go


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  • John Dunn

    I call BS. The Yuan is going to be World Reserve Currency soon according to IMF and possibly take petro-yuan status too. China’s getting new customers from emerging markets in the Mid-East and Africa. This articles about yuan devaluation are just hit pieces manufactured by the West,

    January 30, 2016 at 11:43 pm


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