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Mutual Funds Performance Summary – October 2021

October was the opposite of September in every sense. After brushing off contagion concerns from China’s Evergrande, the stock market jumped into a risk-on environment. U.S. stock prices reached new all-time highs, providing a good reminder that even “non-correlated” assets may occasionally move in the same direction. Commodity trend traders enjoyed strong trends in energy, grains, and soft commodities like coffee and cotton. This isn’t always the case but it feels nice to see positive numbers across the board for every mutual fund we track — our hats off to the trend traders. Be sure to check out our 21 link field guide that dives into trend-following, commodities and inflation here.

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Name Ticker Month to Date Year to Date Assets Under Management
Hedged Equity
Catalyst Buffered Shield Fund I SHIIX 3.72% 12.26% $94,642,483
Rational Equity Armor Fund Instl HDCTX 4.69% 12.91% $72,010,720
EAVOL NASDAQ-100 Volatil Overlay Risk A CLPAX 5.10% 11.15% $15,034,795
Certeza Convex Core A CNVEX 5.76% 23.10% $5,291,336
Equities + Managed Futures
Catalyst/Millburn Dynamic Cmdty Stgy I DCXIX 7.24% 4.40% $10,548,913
Standpoint Multi-Asset Institutional BLNDX 4.98% 22.89% $126,089,345
Active Fixed Income
Catalyst/Stone Beach Income Opp I IOXIX 0.05% -3.48% $23,472,523
Catalyst Multi-Strategy I ACXIX 3.22% 6.64% $4,668,802
All Weather / Multi-Strat
Rational/ReSolve Adaptive Asset Allc I RDMIX 5.82% 14.81% $62,965,364
Astor Macro Alternative I GBLMX 0.91% 0.57% $45,411,116
Catalyst/Teza Algorithmic Alloc I TEZIX 7.76% -0.76% $6,437,772
Catalyst/Warrington Strategic Program A CWXAX 0.37% 5.84% $98,193,154
AlphaCentric Premium Opportunity A HMXAX 2.04% 6.52% $196,714,515
Rational Tactical Return Instl HRSTX 0.34% 3.87% $272,761,583
Catalyst/Millburn Hedge Strategy I MBXIX 6.53% 17.44% $3,172,813,620
SDCI USCF SummerHaven Dynamic Commodity SDCI (ETF) 6.47% 36.56% $8,116,302
Direxion Auspice Broad Commodity Strategy COM (ETF) 3.41% 29.95% $253,430,937
SilverPepper Cmdty Strats Glb Macro Inst SPCIX 2.42% 25.77% $185,478,546
Managed Futures
AXS Chesapeake Strategy I EQCHX 3.08% 15.01% $19,459,274

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