Noble Group – A Grotesque Restructuring. Vote No – ValueWalk Premium
Noble Group Limited

Noble Group – A Grotesque Restructuring. Vote No

FIRST. It would be incongruous and extremely frothy for Noble to continue on an ongoing basis after the cascade of events. We do not see the contours of a strategy or any edge that the entity would have in 2019 or that Noble (2007-2017) had other than a flawed and very misconstrued “commodity rotation” e.g spreading the losses of one division to another and back and forth).

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Noble Group

SECONDLY, because agents, a.k.a Noble Group Management, provided an illusion of profits by camouflaging the properties of steady income and are/were compensated yearly for losses that occurred/will occur with a much longer frequency.

THIRDLY, for all other good reasons and mostly because this is absolutely grotesque.

WHERE, in the world, can a company restructure a Fraud ?


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