Apple (AAPL) Shares Hit Record High After iPad 3 Event Announcement

The shares of Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)  rose yesterday morning. The announcement of the iPad 3 on March 7thhas managed to push the Cupertino, California headquartered designer of vanguard electronics to a new high. The Apple stock, listed on NASDAQ under the AAPL symbol, was up almost nine points, more than 1.5 [...]


Mid Day Market Report: 28 February 2012

 Market Action  US:  Dow: 12992.41 (0.08%), S&P 500: 1369.25 (0.12%), NASDAQ: 2979.47 (0.44%) Europe: CAC: 3453.99 (0.36%), DAX: 6887.63 (0.55%), FTSE: 5927.91 (0.21%). Asia-Pacific:Australia: 4262.72 (-0.11%),China: 2451.86 (0.20%),Hong Kong: 21568.73 (1.63%),India: 5375.50 (1.79%),Japan: 9722.52 (0.91%) Metals: Gold: 1788.80 (0.78%), Silver: 37.09 (4.41%), Copper: 3.91 (0.70%) Energy: Crude Oil: 107.97 (-0.54%), Natural Gas: 2.52 (-3.19%) Commodities: [...]


Gold Rises after Taking a Breather

Gold (NYSE:GLD) is up today after prices took a three session breather. The commodity us up mostly due to a weaker dollar and value buying. Gold is up around $15 so far on the day, as it continues to modestly rise. A stronger euro was able to help the dollar-dominated [...]


Consumer Confidence Rises

The index run by the Conference Board measuring consumer confidence was up in February. Analysts polled wanted 63 but the index reportedly rose to 70.8. This increase comes after a loss to the index last month in January. This is a very bullish outlook on the US economy considering [...]


Californians Brace for 2008 Gas Prices

Oil has been on a rampage lately, only breaking its 20 day win streak a day or two ago. After we have seen oil skyrocket, we have also seen our prices go up at the pump which is putting the squeeze on consumers. The national average continues its ruthless [...]


FBI Builds Stash of Informants for "Perfect Hedge"

On Monday, the FBI told a group of reporters in New York that with its current stable of informants, it will continue investigating alleged illegal insider trading at hedge funds for at least five more years. The agency has been working on an operation named "Perfect Hedge." Since 2009, its [...]


Pre-Market Morning Report: 28 February 2012

Market Action  US:  Dow Futures: 13015.00 (0.35%), S&P 500 Futures: 1372.80 (0.40%), NASDAQ Futures: 2619.00 (0.42%) Europe: CAC: 3457.99 (0.48%), DAX: 6881.08 (0.46%), FTSE: 5926.15 (0.18%). Asia-Pacific:Australia: 4262.72 (-0.11%),China: 2451.86 (0.20%),Hong Kong: 21568.73 (1.63%),India: 5375.50 (1.79%),Japan: 9722.52 (0.91%) Metals: Gold: 1781.10 (0.35%), Silver: 35.88 (1.00%), Copper: 3.92 (1.13%) Energy: Crude Oil: 108.44 (-0.11%), Natural [...]


Hedge Fund Assets Could Hit $2.1 Trillion in 2012

According to a new survey released on Monday by Credit Suisse, hedge fund assets under management could hit $2.13 trillion this year. This news comes from the opinions of 600 surveyed institutional investors with $1.04 trillion in hedge fund assets, according to Reuters. The respondents also believed their hedge fund [...]


MF Global: Investigators Focusing On $325 million Transfer

As Federal investigators continue reviewing MF Global's last days of business and the mystery of its missing customer money, one action that is causing them to scratch their heads is a $325 million transfer. According to The New York Times, the money may have belonged to customers. The transfer in [...]


Is JP Morgan the New Goldman Sachs?

I remember the days not too long ago when Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) was labeled the greediest firm on Wall Street. People always blamed Goldman for their shady profiting schemes and what have you but since the recession hit, they have gotten back to basics and it has been awhile since [...]


U.S. Consumers Paid Off Some Debt In Q4

US consumers began cutting the large deficit in the last quarter of 2011, as US consumer debt was down 1.1% mostly due to declining mortgage debt. The New York Federal Reserve also said that mortgage balances fell 1.6% from the 3Q, according to its Household Debt and Credit Report. Credit [...]


The Big Three Are Facing New Problems and its Good

Three years ago, Ford, GM and Chrysler were on the brink of collapse. The three American auto companies were in deep trouble and the government had to bailout two out of the three (Ford didn’t take bailout money). Now they are facing a new problem, they aren’t making cars [...]


Gas Prices Rising Again Near $4 a Gallon

Its Monday morning and guess what? Gas is up yet again, the 20th day in a row. The national average rose to $3.70, up from $3.41 a month ago. Gas continues to surge based on Iran’s threat to cut production to the US and other countries. Improving economic conditions in [...]


Market Morning Update – 27 February 2012

Market Action * US: Dow Futures: 12909.00 (-0.40), S&P 500 Futures: 1357.30 (-0.44%), NASDAQ Futures: 2591.00 (-0.40%) * Europe: CAC: 3426.49 (-1.18%), DAX: 6779.19 (-1.26%), FTSE: 5883.30 (-0.88%). * Asia: China: 2447.06 (0.30%), Hong Kong: 21217.66 (-0.89%), India: 5281.20 (-2.73%), Japan: 9633.93 (-0.14%) * Metals: Gold: 1769.00 (-0.42%), Silver: 35.26 (-0.22%), Copper: 3.83 [...]


Facts about U.S. Federal Revenues, Spending and Taxes

The U.S. Federal budget deficit should be a major concern for every American citizen. The ever increasing budget deficit was a major factor leading to the Standards & Poor’s downgrading of the Nation’s credit rating.  The issues surrounding the downgrading of the U.S. government’s credit rating were detailed in [...]


Does Japan Have a Bernie Madoff Scheme?

On Friday, the Japanese asset management firm AIJ Investment Advisors Co.'s stopped its business operations after losing "most of" its YEN 183 billion ($2.3 billion) in managed pension assets. The warning signs of the destruction came as early as 2009. According to The Wall Street Journal, a 2009 client newsletter by [...]


Emerging Markets Up On Oil Outlook

Emerging market stocks showed gains after oil rose for seventh straight day and positive data out of the United States and other countries such as South Korea.  The positive data shows that the global recovery is taking hold and getting stronger. US new home sales rose above analyst predictions and [...]


Copper Traders Bullish on Hedge Fund Support

Copper traders are becoming increasingly bullish on the speculation that copper demand will increase in the world from the United States to China.  The world’s largest metal exchange says that stock piles of copper are at a two and a half year low, which would boost the price due [...]


S&P 500 at highest level since 2008 – Mid-Day Market News

Market Action  US:  Dow: 13005.20 (0.16%), S&P 500: 1368.36 (0.36%), NASDAQ: 2969.94 (0.44%) Europe: CAC: 3467.03 (0.57%), DAX: 6864.43 (0.80%), FTSE: 5935.13 (-0.05%). Asia:China: 2439.63 (1.23%),Hong Kong: 21406.86 (0.12%),India: 5429.30 (-0.98%),Japan: 9647.38 (0.54%) Metals: Gold: 1775.80 (-0.59%), Silver: 35.36 (-0.57%), Copper: 3.86 (1.47%) Energy: Crude Oil: 108.89 (0.98%), Natural Gas: 2.52 (-3.70%) Commodities: Corn: 6.38 [...]


Nat Gas Solutions Rise after Obama

Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE)  rose after President Obama announced that he will be opening a program which will research how to run cars on natural gas.  This announcement comes as we watch the rise in the price of gas hit the $4 mark. Clean Energy Fuels makes their money by [...]


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