Bernanke Says Housing Market is Dragging Down Recovery

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke ended the workweek with a housing speech that called for U.S. housing policies. Coupled with additional help from the central bank, he believes this could help get the challenged sector get back on its feet. Speaking at the National Association of Home Builders conference in Orlando, Fla., [...]


Fed Has Its Pet Banks – Not Done Yet!

  Holding themselves to a high model of transparency, the Federal Reserve may have slipped in this short new year. Its Federal Bank of New York has been accused of showing favoritism to certain banks and shutting others out in recent auctions. According to Bloomberg, the Federal Reserve Bank of New [...]


STOCK Act Passes in House of Representatives

The House of Representatives passed the Stock Act 417-2 on Thursday after a six year battle to try to pass a bill such as this.  The Stock Act essentially makes it illegal for members of Congress to use insider trading to trade stocks.  This Republican version of the bill [...]


Morning News (S&P: Student Loans a "Bubble")

Every morning the Street of Walls team puts out an update on market levels, today’s top stories, and active M&A deals. Today’s Top Stories: KKR Private Equity Results: Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) released their 4Q 2011 earnings results this morning.  KKR reported $0.33 vs. consensus expectations of $0.72 Gross Getting into Treasuries: Bill gross [...]


Is Gold Really a Good Investment Over the Long Term?

Over the last twelve years, the price people are willing to pay for gold has increased significantly.   The following historical gold value chart from clearly shows how the price of gold has increased from January 2000 to January 2012.      According to the data presented in the chart, the [...]


S&P Downgrades CME Group's Rating

While MF Global announced its bankruptcy in October, its tentacles continue to be far-reaching, especially toward its regulator, CME Group. On Wednesday, they struck again as the exchange saw its credit rating cut by S&P. The ratings agency cut the futures exchange rating  to a "AA-" from "AA." In addition, [...]


BoE Injects Money to Stabilize Recovery

The Bank of England announced that they will be putting another 50 billion pounds ($79.3 billion) into their economy to avoid a double dip recession due to its unstable recovery.  The BoE also said that they will continue to hold their record low 0.5% interest rate to help support [...]


Och-Ziff Capital Management is in Deep Trouble

Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC  a hedge fund run by Daniel Och, reported a 94% drop in profit in the fourth quarter due to bad performance.  Most of Och-Ziff Capital’s hedge funds lost money in 2011 and had to lose out on performance fees.  Management signals that three of [...]


Greece Reaches Agreement on Bailout Deal

With the clock ticking loudly for Greece and its creditors, a deal was reached by the parties on Thursday morning. This came right before the EU finance ministers meeting in Brussels where Greece Finance Evangelos Veniezelos planned to attend and update his counterparts with the news. From the deal, Greece [...]


HSBC Insurance Unit Up For Bid [Morning Update]

Every morning the Street of Walls team puts out an update on market levels, today’s top stories, and active M&A deals. Today’s Top Stories: Buffett’s Gold View: “this type of investment requires an expanding pool of buyers who are enticed because they believe the buying pool will expand still further” Greece Update: A meeting between Greece’s [...]


Ben Bernanke's Economy: The Numbers Tell A Story

After his recent Capital Hill rounds and a new year off to a good start with strong market and employment numbers, many of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's critics may want to start thinking about eating their words after last year's dark days. It was just over a year ago that [...]


Greece Debt Talks in Delicate State

Lucas Papademos, Greek Prime Minister, is trying to negotiate with his government to try to approve a rescue plan for its ailing economy.  The Prime Minister is set to begin his pitch today after a late night meeting with members of the European Commission, ECB and IMF with regards [...]


Goldman Sachs PR Man Retires, Joins Recent List of Departures

On Wednesday, Goldman Sachs announced that its top public relations executive, Lucas van Praag, will retire from the firm in March. Goldman's chief executive and chairman, Lloyd C. Blankfein, made the announcement official with an internal memorandum. Portions of it stated: Lucas has played a critical role in helping the firm navigate through [...]


Portugal: Her Own Worst Enemy

To watch the Portugal debt crisis unfold is to wish someone would whisper these old, wise words in her ear:  “We have found the enemy and she is us.”  That’s right:  it’s not dismal debt ratios that will determine the troubled country’s fate, but its stomach for doing what [...]


BlackRock Recommends Buying Stocks: Sorta

The Chairman and CEO of Blackrock, Larry Fink believes that stocks have taken Europe into account and that it is safe to turn up the risk and buy stocks.  Although Blackrock was founded and known as a bond firm, Fink believes investors should be in 100% stocks. Fink signals [...]


DB Said to Limit Bonuses [Morning Update]

Every morning the Street of Walls team puts out an update on market levels, today’s top stories, and active M&A deals. Today’s Top Stories: Larry Fink Says Buy Equities: Blackrock’s L Fink says investors should be 100% in equities due to attractive valuations and the potential for higher returns.  “I don’t have a view [...]


FSA's Recent Directive Receives Round One of Criticism

In January, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) kicked off the new year with the the paper, Implementation of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive. The regulator discussed its future compliance plans for fund managers, depositaries, valuers and administrators. The FSA plans to implement, beginning in July 2013, "significant changes" to regulate [...]


Bernanke Sings Same Tune: Unhealthy Job Market, Fiscal Policy is Priority

On Tuesday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke appeared before the Senate Budget Committee, using his same prepared remarks from his Feb. 2 House Budget panel appearance and reiterating his concerns about an unhealthy job market. Bernanke also called on the group to reduce the long-term budget deficit. He opened his testimony by [...]


Macquarie Issues Profit Warning [Morning Update]

Every morning the Street of Walls team puts out an update on market levels, today’s top stories, and active M&A deals. Today’s Top Stories: Money Markets: the SEC over the next few weeks will unveil a proposal aimed at shoring up the money market fund industry Lazard IB Results: Total revenues missed by $0.05 [...]


MF Global Missing Funds Started Before Bankruptcy

On Monday, a report by MF Global investigators has disclosed new details of the missing customers funds. This action now started before the firm filed bankruptcy on Monday, Oct. 31 and pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together. According to the four-page statement filed by James W. Giddens, the [...]


Lazard Reports Fourth Quarter Loss

On Monday, Lazard Ltd. kicked off the week with bad news from its fourth quarter earnings report. The investment firm reported a $4.79 million loss (0.04 cents per share versus 0.37 cents per share estimates). This compared to the previous year's $99.9 million profit (0.77 cents per share). So what attributed [...]

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