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Last updated with more info on 10/19/18

Members can login here, update profile here, and reset password here. Most issues are usually web cache related if you clear your web cache and re-open browser that usually works. NEVER PURCHASE TWICE. If you want to donate by all means! BUT if you want to get setup paying twice creates headaches for both sides, so please read this page check spam, clear cache and if you still have issues contact us. If you want multiple logins contact us for a discount.

PLEASE NOTE the recurring email might be off on a few accounts (and is certainly off for Mediapass subscribers) its possible it says renew when its already cancelled and not recurring when it is indeed recurring etc you need confirmation from a financial institution such as  Paypal or Stripe for any payment details. It is impossible for us to sync everything entirely as Paypal and Stripe have strict access rules. It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure you keep up with your plan its straightforward as we only have yearly and monthly plans there are never surprise chares- we have a guide below for cancelling and if you need help you can email us and we will assist, but we are unable to keep on top of thousands of accounts regarding every detail.

If you are still having trouble please contact us ASAP at we will help ASAP please do NOT contact other email addresses and please include as much info as you can such as email affiliated with account, membership type, when you signed up etc

Please read this entire page as it is our TOS

See more info at bottom, you can sign up below. Please read our Q&A below before buying

  • NEW: Dedicated website
  • We also have a new plugin to service the membership which works MUCH MUCH better – our old plugin was used when membership was small and it was very glitchy and frustrating our new one RestrictContentPro is seamless and fantastic – to our   knowledge we have not had a single problem  related to being inactive while paying etc. who signed up for payment automatically or manually since we switched in August 2018.
  • Ad free version! See the big difference between the same article here for regular readers, and here for premium readers STILL no ads but need to clarify a point below
  • NEW: Out IT just coded this – embedded sign up for our free newsletter form (which was not an ad per our lawyer but still) will not be shown to logged in subscribers!
  • Everyone will be able to read new articles
  • Access to our best content – read by everyone in the industry
  • students Those who work in journalism, education or at non-profits are welcome to receive a free pass. Just contact us at with subject line “Paywall” and we will set you up asap. Students can receive a free pass with proof of status. Teachers, employees at non profits like pensions or endowments can receive 50% off just contact us from your work email. However, journalists are still welcome and encouraged to receive an absolutely free pass UPDATE 10/13/18
  • We offer discounts for multiple users at institutions – please contact for further discounted rates
  • Get all of our in-depth investor books
  • The BEST customer service (if you deserve it)
  • NEW: Chat support 24/7 questions with a human operator for about 60 hours a week
  • According to the latest update from Zendesk (our CRM for customer service inquires) our support is faster than 98 PERCENT of their customers – see screenshot below
  • Knowing you are supporting quality journalism and not listicles of watermelon contests. We have worked directly with employees at FINRA, SEC, many other regulators, and even Secret Service on fraud related to stories we have covered.
  • Receive a $50 discount for our yearly subscription to
  • Slick lightening fast mobile site you can get our app by following these steps
  • All payments are processed securely through paypal and Stripe with the highest levels of security regularly checked- you can even sign up if you do not have an account simply by using a credit card and we do not store the information – if you would like to pay by check, wire, Venmo, Apple Pay or other methods please contact us at, more on that below

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Who subscribes?

Everyone who is interested in value investing and hedge funds. Our readership ranges from CEOs/CIOs of the biggest funds of the world to back-office first year employees at bucket shops.

In all seriousness, we are read by very influential people and that is why we are careful with our reporting and pride ourselves on ethics (which is why we willingly forgo thousands of dollars in easy cash every month because we do not want to aid potential fraud ie penny stocks, CFDs). We even have glowing on the record endorsements from one of the most famous shortsellers and the CEO of a top $4.5B hedge fund. We have a lot more off the record ones from famous investors but we cannot use because of their compliance policies.

How many subscribers do you have?

Confidential, but its in quadruple digits (meaning over 1,000 paying subscribers and a few hundred free members).

What are payment options?

Stripe or Paypal – you can use a credit card on paypal even if you do not already have an account or just have stripe process the payment. If you want to pay by check/ACH or other method that is fine just contact us – we are trying to add more payment methods so it can be done automatically. Do not send any sensitive info be email. If you want to sign up using an alternative method  we can send an invoice from Quickbooks for secure processing.

Can i cancel?

Yes at any time!

How do i cancel?

Please TRY first to do via Paypal it is easy one click of a button. It is very easy and here is a short guide. If you want you can also unsubscribe now directly on your account page.

If you signed up through mediapass please contact them to unsubscribe at (866) 787-7665. If you still need assistance contact us. We make it VERY easy to cancel we do not want you to call asking us how to cancel and we cannot do cancellations over the phone – we WANT YOU TO CANCEL DIRECTLY ON PAYPAL (which is super easy and quick) if you do not want to renew – we do not want to spend time on this – so we are the exact opposite of organizations which force you to call up and then try to make you stay with endless offers. We want to focus our time on our dedicated readers instead of spending time harassing people on the phone who are not interested.

Payments are recurring – you need to cancel on Paypal if you do not want to be charged in the future. It is not our job nor our responsibility to remind you that a payment is coming up.

We have setup automatic alerts from both Stripe and WordPress to alert readers to upcoming payments so they can cancel if they want. We do not want payments which are mistakes. But we cannot guarantee it works or that emails will not get sent to spam or that there is an error with the system etc so you must be on top of your account.  That said everything is pretty straightforward with only monthly and yearly plans so you should be able to figure it out without too much effort.

Do you offer refunds?


What if i have issues?

Then please contact us at support or support and we will try to help you ASAP.

But i have issues!

If it is our fault or a glitch we help and make good any time lost from the interruption plus more!- that said if you have an account issue and wait months to contact us complaining your account has problem and you want refund for all that time we reserve the right to judge wether we should be mercifiul with you or not. If you are nasty and rude and were negligent then we are unlikely to help. If you are polite and had difficult circumstances we are much more likely to have mercy.

What do you offer?

Explained above but in short a totally ad-free version of site with access to some of our best older material, and top investor studies

Why not use adblock?

  1. Some normal functions of the site unrelated to ads do not work with ad blockers
  2. It might not block all ads – you cannot defeat Google
  3. You cannot access a huge amount og our great content with an ad blocker
  4. You should support quality journalism.
  5. Watermelon contests are bad for the health of society

What is the discount for organizations?

It depends on how many logins you want but we always offer a decent discount if over 5 and even if just 2 we can offer a slight discount.

What type of organization?

Any for profit but we usually are contacted by banks, hedge funds, private equity etc for multiple logins. If that description fits you hit us up for an office discount

Do you have support?

Most issues are usually web cache related if you clear your web cache and re-open browser that usually works.

If clearing cache does not work you might need to delete cookies (and first save any important browser info) and check with IT if you do not understand what deleting cookies does.

If you have any issues please email us and we will get back to you ASAP. While we are always available 9-5 on business days we highly value our paying subs so we will try to help as quick as we can.

We also have chat now for support and are around usually business hours and tell 11PM EST some nights. Open the little window on the right side of your screen to chat with us.

We have a phone number but we do not take inquiries by call. Our line is reserved for those with group accounts and long time customers with serious membership issues. We arrange a time for those calls as we are usually busy otherwise. If you call with membership questions you will be told by our staff to email us at support so it is a waste of time.

Please provide details don’t say i cannot login – please state what the issue is what your member ID and/or email which browser you are using etc – the more basic details the quicker and better we can help you whether issue is from our end or yours

That said …. the system is pretty self explanatory and besides refunds discussed above or passwords which you could reset there is not much service usually needed, but please contact us with any questions. See further down for more info.

Can i share my login?

It is illegal. Will we sue you? No, but it is not cool especially since we are not a giant like Netflix (not judging on that either but at least they have billions in revenue) and the price is not unreasonable at all – so you might want to consider signing up for another pass instead and/or donating.

However, we will ban anyone who shares logins or uses a login without explicit written permission from us and you may not get the money back which you paid.

Additionally, we can monitor accounts and also use certain tech to disable sharing.

Who gets free passes?

Anyone involved in creating news/analysis (big or small), is a full-time student, teaches, or works at anon profit. If you contact us please email from work address.

For students we have a 50% discount you must send proof of student status.

If you are an outside contributor you can also receive a free pass. You must contact us though, if you do share our password without permission we will permanently ban you and anyone who used it. We are this good (and this person did not have a Columbia email address).

Is the adfree version ad-lite or adfree?

No ads but see more below

What if I am still seeing ads?

Some articles (all of which are free) are syndicated from high quality outlets like AFP. For those articles we must insert ads as part of their embed code, however, they just a freebie and add quality to the site coverage.

We also might advertise our own products or ask if you would like to receive our newsletter or push notifications but there are no real ads we can think of and we will keep it that way forever.

Sometimes we test new ads or features and forget to disable them for adfree version. If you are logged in and still seeing ads please contact us ASAP at so we can disable that unit.

I have more questions about support

We provide limited amount for basic issues (where it is our fault we will help as much as we can), but we cannot hold your hand for $59.99 a year. If you are going to be an annoying customer who calls/emails with lots of irrelevant and annoying questions and does not know basic site navigation please donate $5000 a year or do not subscribe at all.

We believe that “the customer is always right” is mostly true but 1% of the time it is not and those 1% can be a real pain to deal with.

95% of the time we have no issues with customers and they are cool and a good percentage  we add free months if we are the cause of any issues.

Our normal customers we treat extremely well especially when we mess up like here

What percentage of readers unsubscribe?

We do not have exact stats but 95% are fine, happy and have no issues. Some cancel but the average subscription time for active users is 700 days (and that is impressive considering we only started testing a very limited paywall 700ish days ago).

We almost never have unsubscribes for content issues people like it. The biggest complaint is glitches (which we have worked a lot on and have a great system now), sometimes price or other reasons. We can count on our fingers the number of times people complained that content is less than what they expected.

On that note, we reserve the right to revoke account access temporarily or permanently to anyone at any time without any reason.

Additionally, anytime you have a legitimate charge (which means the card was not  stolen) and file a dispute with your financial institution or the payment processor we will pay the minimum time owed  (if required by law and  if applicable and) blacklist your account from subscribing ever again going forward. If you have issues you must contact us and we will work it out if you are reasonable.

We have only banned a few of the thousands of readers who ever signed up (and of course we gave them a full refund), but if you violate the TOS we reserve the right to boot you and keep as much money as permissible by law.

Where are the TOS?

According to our lawyer these are the legal TOS for premium so we advise you to read them carefully even though we are not trying to sell any shakes.

Our legasque terms for the site itself can be found here

What are the investor studies?

In-depth books on famous investors and value investing. Nearly every book was produced in house by our Rupert Hargreaves and it took considerable time and money. We did not outsource overseas to try to get some quick cheap book written – these studies are quality and cost thousands of dollars to produce. The full list below

  1. George Soros
  2. Benjamin Graham
  3. Henry Singleton
  4. Michael Burry
  5. Ray Dalio
  6. Charlie Munger
  7. Warren Buffett (early years)
  8. Walter Schloss
  9. Timeless Reading
  10. Little e-book of value investing
  11. Seth Klarman
  12. Carl Icahn
  13. Small cap investing (only for HVS subs)
  14. Activist Investing
  15. Short selling
  16. Interviews
  17. Reits