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Rachel Carpenter On Democratizing Data [VALUETALKS #10]

There is no shortage of Fintech start up trying to topple the Bloomberg Terminal. However, most like start with that explicit goal of we want to offer X at a lower cost. How many have started as a bi-product, have been successfully funded,  attracted institutional investors, have great tools at a fair price and also have a female founder and CEO? Meet Intrino which has a fascinating product along with the story behind the founding of the firm. Rachel Carpenter talks with Raul Panganiban about why she founded the company and the quest to democratize data for both subscribers and developers. Can how quality data, without excess restrictions be offered at an affordable price? That is the story Rachel tells.

Rachel is also the first female interviewee on the show so please listen to our her fascinating tale a listen in this 10th edition of ValueTalks podcast.

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Rachel graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BBA in both Finance and Management/Human Resources and minors in Spanish and European Studies. She is an advanced front end web developer and a graduate of The Starter League Advanced HTML & CSS web design course, with expertise in HTML/HAML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, UX and responsive web design and a basic understanding of the Ruby Padrino web framework. Rachel gained experience in HR, marketing, digital marketing strategies and digital advertising and managing teams through positions with Epic Systems Corporation (a healthcare software firm), UW-Madison and the Tampa Bay Lightning/Storm.

Rachel Carpenter, co-founder and CEO of Intrino (Courtesy of the company)


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