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Whitney Tilson Gloats: Bitcoin Is Crashing

From Whitney Tilson's latest email to investors - also see our prior article on that topic here 1) My email six days ago, which was headlined “I'm calling the top of the bitcoin/cryptocurrency madness”, is looking pretty good right now: the price peaked the moment I wrote that, at nearly...

Whitney Tilson Shuts Hedge Fund

Another major closure see from the inbox First some memorable moments Tilson - Gets "Brain damage" Booking First Trip Ever To Russia ... Tilson "I've been getting murdered on the short side in the past couple ... Tilson On Einhorn's CLB Short "so compelling and blindingly obvious ... Whitney Tilson...

Whitney Tilson Short Wingstop Inc (WING) [Slides]

Whitney Tilson's slides from the 2016 Robin Hood Investors Conference, sharing his short position in Wingstop Inc (WING) as ValueWalk first reported Also see more Robin Hood Notes here And Q3 2016 hedge fund letters Overview Wingstop is in the chicken wing restaurant franchise business Founded in 1994, it began franchising in...

Whitney Tilson Q3 2016 Letter

Whitney Tilson Q3 2016 Letter - partial excerpt   Whitney Tilson My Macro Views Like everyone else, I read the newspapers and closely follow world events. There is never any shortage of economic, political and military turmoil, nor of gloom-and-doom prognosticators who remind me of Buffett’s famous maxim: “Forecasts may tell you a...

Whitney Tilson Launches Boycott Of Jets, Drops F Bomb

From Whitney Tilson's email to investors - presented without comment. In response to my last email, in which I shared my macro views, a friend suggested that this was very un-Buffett-like of me. My reply:   You don’t think Buffett had a macro view when he invested $5B in Goldman Sachs at...

Whitney Tilson's Favorite Donald Trump T-Shirt, Now In Stores

Whitney Tilson in his email discusses ERN Poker Tournament on July 20th; Similarities between Ironman Training & Investing; Roddy Boyd nails Insys Therapeutics; To Secure Loans, Chinese Women Supply Nude Photos; books he has read; financiers supporting Trump; his favorite t-shirt; Trump discussion. Lots of good stuff in here! Whitney...

Whitney Tilson – STOP THE PRESSES AGAIN!!!

Whitney Tilson - STOP THE PRESSES AGAIN!!! My new BFF, Diane Ravitch, and I have continued our conversation and it's gotten even more interesting, as we've moved past the high-level principles we mostly agreed on in our first exchange of emails (sent a week ago and posted on her blog...

Berkshire Hathaway could go up another $90,000: Whitney Tilson

Berkshire Hathaway could go up another $90,000: Whitney Tilson Warren Buffett’s conglomerate could rally an additional 42%, according to Whitney Tilson of Kase Capital Management. Get The Full Warren Buffett Series in PDF Get the entire 10-part series on Warren Buffett in PDF. Save it to your desktop, read it on your...

Whitney Tilson On Lumber Liquidators – This Is Not Over

Whitney Tilson on the latest Lumber Liquidators news - excerpted from an email Tilson sent to clients.   Lumber Liquidators (I have no comment on today’s Lumber Liquidators settlement with CARB, as it isn’t part of my investment thesis, which you can review in my latest presentation, posted at   The CDC released...

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