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SD Bullion’s James Anderson: Why Consider Precious Metals

ValueWalk's Raul Panganiban interviews James Anderson, marketing executive at SD Bullion. Q1 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Stevebidmead / Pixabay Interview With SD Bullion's James Anderson Transcript Hello podcast listeners. Today's a very special episode with James Anderson, marketing executive and SD Bullion. Before this, he was the managing director at

Precious Metals: Critical Support Test Ahead

The entire commodity sector is facing a critical support test over the next several weeks. We have made the case is past articles that commodities as a whole are bottoming, having hit 40+ year lows on both an absolute (US dollar terms) and relative (compared to stocks) basis during...

US Bonds and How They Relate to Precious Metals

US Bonds on the Edge The US bond market is teetering on the edge of the generational decline. Just as we have been hypothesizing about for nearly two years. The 30-year US bond fell by nearly 2.3% this week, closing at 136.7. Interest rates on the 30-year, which move opposite to prices,...

As President Trump Touts Stock Market, Precious Metals Suffer

The mainstream media offers little apparent choice other than the right or left Democrat or Republican; and typically, our political philosophies are decidedly independent. However, we are occasionally compelled to comment on political posts when they directly relate to or influence the capital markets and precious metals industry. It is...

Social Justice, Prosperity, And Precious Metals

Social Justice, Prosperity, And Precious Metals A question may go through the minds of some readers as they read many of the articles written by this "precious metals commentator." That question is one of relevance. Why should readers or investors who are interested in precious metals want to read about...

Precious Metals Strategy: Bullion Or Jewelry?

Precious Metals Strategy: Bullion Or Jewelry? Bullion confiscation has been a risk and concern which has been analyzed in previous commentaries and examined from different angles , so it’s not surprising that this was also the subject of a recent reader question. Part of the answer to that query raised...

Precious Metals: Buy Now, Or Roll The Dice?

Precious Metals: Buy Now, Or Roll The Dice? - Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money Buy low. Sell high. Precious metals investors are rational investors . They understand that they are currently converting their wealth into gold and silver at extremely advantageous rates. However, like all rational people, they would prefer to...

How Western Bankers SERVE Precious Metals Holders

How Western Bankers SERVE Precious Metals Holders by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money For the last four years (in particular), those who have chosen to convert their paper wealth into gold and silver have been suffering – just ask them. It might be time to remind these individuals of an old...

Diamonds vs. Precious Metals: What Shines Brightest In Your Investment Portfolio?

Diamonds vs. Precious Metals: What Shines Brightest in Your Investment Portfolio? Rand Kwong Yew Low University of Queensland Business School Yiran Yao University of Queensland Robert W. Faff University of Queensland October 20, 2015 Abstract: Several studies explore the use of gold and other precious metals for protecting investors’ wealth during periods of market...

Russia, Spain, Precious Metals Among Best Performers In Q2

Silver was the best performing asset in June, and the only one with double digit returns, followed by gold and the Micex (Moscow exchange). Some of this is just a correction from previous underperformance, but gold has outperformed all year, as you might expect considering how unattractively priced most...

Jim Willie on precious metals manipulation

"In view of the on-going manipulation in the gold and silver paper markets, I have decided to do a multi-interview with three prominent voices in the precious metal markets, and ask them exactly the same questions about gold and silver manipulation : Chris Powell (GATA), Egon Von Greyerz (

Gold, Precious Metal Prices Soar, But Beware Of Fraud

This is part three of a series on some of Wall Street's biggest frauds and how to avoid them. Click here for part one on the "Wolf of Wall Street" and microcap stocks. Click here for part two on pre-IPO scams. Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Stevebidmead / Pixabay Precious...

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