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Michael Mauboussin: Studies and research papers

  • The Real Role of Dividends in Building Wealth: Michael Mauboussin argues that for dividends to be included as a source in accumulating capital, the investor must reinvest dividends.
  • Blaming the Rat: Mauboussin talks about the relationship between incentives and behaviour.literature shows that the relationship between incentives and behaviour is more complex that what these scientists originally thought -- helpful for investors who are on the lookout for driven leaders who have good capital allocation skills
  • Untangling Skill and Luck: Michael Mauboussin provides framework on how to differentiate between skill and luck. One of the most difficult things a fund investor has to do.
  • It’s all about Managing for Value: Mauboussin discusses that the primary goal of a corporation is to maximize its long-term shareholder value.
  • A Surge in the Urge to Merge: Michael Mauboussin writes that companies making acquisitions in the early part of the cycle deliver the best returns
  • See For Yourself: Michael Mauboussin stresses the importance to carefully sort through the source of data and verifying the accuracy of claims.The investing world is no different with many misleading beliefs floating around.
  • Show Me the Money: Michael Mauboussin points out the shortcomings of earnings as a tool for assessing a company’s economic reality.
  • Death, Taxes, and Reversion to the Mean: Mauboussin writes that investors should be aware of the models that analyst use to predict future performance, notably returns on invested capital. Analysts should incorporate the concept of mean reversion in their model, tempering the optimism inherent in their forecasts.
  • Turtles in Omaha: Mauboussin argues that the qualities that make investors great are mainly emotional and psychological. The story of the Turtle Traders of Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt.
  • The Importance of Diverse Thinking: Michael Mauboussin refers to the concept of Charlie Munger’s use of different mental models to approach investing. The logic of multidisciplinary approach to investing provides investors new tools to solve complex problems.

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  • Size Matters: Michael Mauboussin emphasizes the importance of position sizing in investing.
  • Clear Thinking about Share Repurchase: Michael Mauboussin comments on the idea that share buyback are better than dividends. Not all buybacks are created equal.Share Repurchase from All Angles

Kenneth French: Studies and research papers

Full list of papers: French, Kenneth R.'s Scholarly Papers

Fama/French Forum: Ideas and observations from Fama and French

Eugene Fama: Studies and research papers

Foundations of Finance

Theory of Finance

James Montier: Studies and research papers

Some of James Montier’s recent investment insights:

Aswath Damodaran: Studies and research papers

The Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing: Studies and research papers

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Studies and Research Papers

2) Working papers

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Studies and Research Papers

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