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The Rise Of The SuperBots

Could paying $8 per month give rise to the SuperBots? Let’s say you are a foreign actor with malicious and deceptive intentions, and you have a bot farm in Macedonia or Russia, that’s $8/month is the easiest play in the world. For $8/month your bot is now verified and credible.

You now have a farm pumping verified SuperBots soldiers. Do that with thousands of accounts and you are beating the system. If you are a foreign power like Russia, that’s nothing. It’s cheaper than training and building an army. And a lot cheaper than invading a country.

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So if invading a country is too expensive or not feasible, but for $8/month you can mess with your enemy so much. For $8/month you have taken your good old bot farm and transformed it into a verified army working at influencing, election meddling, and dividing people.

Get a few SuperBots working together and now have viral content on hot topic issue that triggers people. You might not be able to beat your enemy, but it’s a cheap way to get the country to turn on itself. Why invade when you can get the country to turn on itself? My point is that instead of taking care of the bot problem, you have making them stronger.

Article by Brian Langis

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