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Understanding Government Contracts

Understanding Government Contracts


Working with the government is one of the desirable for some  people. Government jobs have proved to be the best in terms of compensation. Additionally, the government has been viewed as the most reliable supplier, with almost a null risk rate.

However, in regards to landing a government contract, it is never easy due to much competition. Furthermore, government contracts are a little bit complicated as compared to regular corporate contracts. The pricing mechanism is very different, as most of the contracts are long-term and some time may involve commissioning. Getting a Government contract also looks great for a Company’s reputation.

Federal Publications Seminars, a Thomson West business, is a leading provider of practical, high-quality courses and materials for contract professionals and has a keen focus on government contracts  and construction contracts, among other contracts courses.

There are courses covering every aspect of government contracts which can be taken either publicly, or at home. The institution also offers competitive discounts for organizations represented by three or more people in a seminar.

There are over 100 courses under government contracting that are offered in public seminars. Some of the featured courses include:

  • Issues with Classified Government Contracts,
  • Contractors’ Purchasing Systems Review,
  • Defective Pricing,
  • Government Contract Purchasing and Subcontracting, and
  • Government Contracting Basics, which is a comprehensive three day review of the entire federal procurement process, from start to finish, emphasizing the practical, the keys to success in today’s contract world.

Most of these courses take between 2 to 5 days of training, and some are only available on in house training, for instance, Hilton Head Government Contract Conference, takes 5 days of training, and recently held Government Contract Costs 2.0 Conference, which took four days.

Complete guidance on understanding government contracts can be found on the site.


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