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Value Investor Insight interview with Michael Porter

Value Investor Insight interview with Michael Porter (author of the famous book, Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors), courtesy of Whitney Tilson.

In the December issue of Value Investor Insight we interviewed Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter– a complimentary excerpt of this interview is attached (you can sign up for a free 30-day trial of VII at; it’s only $349/year). Here’s the Editor’s Note introducing the interview:


Editor’s Note: Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter needs no introduction to any serious student of business. His seminal work on the competitive dynamics that determine industry profitability and on the strategies companies can employ to positively impact their competitive positions – laid out initially in the books Competitive Strategy and Competitive Advantage – revolutionized managerial thinking. So articulate was his framework for thinking about strategy and competition that it passed quickly into accepted wisdom. As he recently told Fortune, “The highest compliment, I’ve come to understand, is, ‘Oh, that’s obvious.’ I used to take that as criticism, but now I understand that’s the goal – to take a complex problem and make it seem clear and obvious.”


Now 66 and busier than ever writing, teaching and advising, Porter continues to take on a succession of massively complex problems, from reviving inner cities, to making countries more competitive, to transforming the value of healthcare delivery. We caught up with him recently to discuss his latest thinking on competitive dynamics and corporate strategy. To our surprise, he also had plenty on his mind about investing in general, and value investing in particular.

Value Investor Insight interview with Michael Porter link to full interview below

Value Investor Insight-12-13-Michael Porter interview

Value Investor Insight interview with Michael Porter


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