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Wall Street Journal Readers Recommend Financial Books

The Wall Street Journal readers recommend twenty-five financial books for your summer reading list.

Wharton professor Olivia Mitchell discussed in a recent WSJ Experts blog post how a college course taught by John Kenneth Galbraith had the most profound effect on her career as an economist. Prof. Mitchell says she continues to recommend the book around which his course was constructed, “The Great Crash: 1929,” which, to this day, offers insights on the risks facing economies everywhere.

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Financial books recommended by WSJ readers

Here are 25 that should help fill out your summer reading list early.

Kevin Chao, Bill Gordon and Don Malpas (Facebook)

David Simon, Jonathan Seder and Nunya (WSJ.com)

Ray Heard (Twitter) and Donald Hilborn (Facebook)

Mike Brodsky (Twitter)

Anthony Victor Vu (Facebook)

Logan Wallace, Don Campbell (Facebook) and Dennis (WSJ.com)

Yogeeswar Pal  (WSJ.com) and Brent Chisholm (Facebook)

Aidn Al (Facebook)

John Kozora (Facebook)

Craig Keller (Facebook)

Joshua Smith (Twitter)

EA Berry (WSJ.com)

Jonathan Seder (WSJ.com)

Adril Azmin (Facebook)

Terry Janas (Facebook)

Cihad Ayd?n (Facebook)

Djurdja Jovanovic Padejski (Facebook)

Will Valenti (Facebook)

David Korn (WSJ.com)

Raul Escalante (Facebook)

Chris Daniels (Facebook)

Michael Reilly (Facebook)

Andrew (WSJ.com)

Mikki McConville (Twitter)

Per Sepsin (Facebook)

Wall Street Journal Readers Recommend Financial Books


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