Warren Buffett & Bill Gates Discuss Innovation, Business and Success - ValueWalk Premium

Warren Buffett & Bill Gates Discuss Innovation, Business and Success

Warren Buffett & Bill Gates Discuss Innovation, Business and Success

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Published on Jul 24, 2016

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates answer students questions at the University of Washington. These questions cover topics such as innovation, their path to success and globalization's impact on business. This discussion shows both mens brilliance and their unique and sometimes contrasting views.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
5:14 Start of Warren and Bill
6:32 Path to success
6:33 Warren
9:23 Bill
11:08 Start of questions
11:11 How do you define success personally?
11:15 , 14:18 Warren
13:23 Bill
15:03 Definition of innovation?
15:10 Warren
16:02 Bill
17:56 Biggest role models?
18:02 Bill
19:19 Warren
20:45 Handling access to information?
21:04 Bill
23:14 Has technology made businesses more efficient?
23:19 ,24:49 Warren
23:59 Bill
25:03 Taking your business global?
25:17 Warren
25:57, 27:15 Bill
27:50 Perception of China?
28:11 Bill
29:18 Warren
29:47 Giving back?
30:00 Warren
32:45 Who is best prepared for technological changes?
33:04 ,36:39 Bill
35:06 Warren
37:40 Best time to start a company?
37:51 Bill
40:33 Best business decision?
40:42 , 41:58Warren
41:30, 43:03 Bill
43:58 Warren
44:21 What would you change in your life?
44:26 Warren
45:47 Bill
46:30 What 3 things would you keep if you had to lose everything else?
46:46 Warren
48:25 Bill
49:32 Role of anti-trust legislation?
49:54 Warren
50:46 Bill
52:16 Preparing your business for when your gone?
52:34 Warren
53:30 Bill
54:13 Outro

Original Image Source:http://bit.ly/2a8Ouz0

Original video: Warren Buffett & Bill Gates: On Success by The Floyd & Delores Jones Foundation
Date: July 20, 1998
Location: University of Washington

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