Warren Buffett Talks Media Business – Omaha Press Club. September 2, 1992. – ValueWalk Premium
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Warren Buffett Talks Media Business – Omaha Press Club. September 2, 1992.

Warren Buffett Talks Media Business

Warren Buffett Talks Media Business – Published on Mar 24, 2016

The Press Media Business | Warren Buffett
Omaha Press Club. September 2, 1992.

Twenty years ago, investor Warren Buffett accepted an Omaha Press Club Education Committee invitation to spend an hour talking about media.

Recorded footage from that talk is exclusive property of Jeremy Harris Lipschultz (Isaacson Professor, University of Nebraska at Omaha).

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Warren Buffett Talks Media Business

0:00on behalf of Education Committee when Callahan 2013 calendar out for pee
0:16myself like to welcome you to this first in a series of education seminars for
0:23the 1992 93 here for the most part question that sir
0:30between you and your guests palaces evening are subject to dealing with the
0:37news media ask questions focus on our guests dealings or lack thereof perhaps
0:44with the news media in particular situations that brought into the news
0:48front cover our guest one that now nearly three decades the Omaha
0:56world-herald will use our speaker see things
1:05introducing Warren Buffett people like introducing Garden Grove City country
1:16music concert that he's an owner of news organizations and have large holdings in
1:29the washington post capital cities ABC announced the Buffalo News
1:36as a reporter who has dealt with more on other occasions I can tell you what
1:41that's like he is invariably accessible and straightforward generally not
1:50talkative talking to other people from the public record check our computers
2:06today and since 1983 he mentions an eight hundred and sixty two stories in
2:14our newspapers
13:02Story 3 all he does is not what they say the problem is that the
14:35today than yesterday the big strong winds gusting wind power we have
18:55disguised as a result
19:52spell them in their state considered is probably should look at Harbor outreach
20:14everyone knows what will happen
43:51there are ones are good

Warren Buffett Talks Media Business - Omaha Press Club. September 2, 1992.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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