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Boyar Value Group

Welling On Wall Street Interview With Boyar Value Group

Welling on Wall Street recently interviewed Boyar Value Group's Mark Boyar and Jonathan Boyar and talked about various topics including: their investment strategy, some of their current favorite stock ideas, and behavioral finance.

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Boyar Value Group

On investing, Mark Boyar noted that, “Patience is probably one of the most important elements of stock market investing.  First, you have to find the great business at a good price, then you have to have patience, the fortitude and the ability to withstand gyrations in the stock market.  That element is critically important.”

They also share their thoughts on stocks such as Madison Square Garden (MSG), QVC (QVCA), Discovery Communications (DISCA/K) and more.

Boyar Value Group – Profiting From Uncertainty

Mark Boyar's Group Finding Mispriced Financials, Media Stocks

Uncertainty. It’s hard to remember already, but that was the dominant trope in the market even before Tuesday’s election upended much of what the chattering class (manifestly including me) thought they knew about this fair land’s economic and political outlook.

Which is why I was drawn to interviewing this week’s dynamic duo, the father-son team of Mark and Jonathan Boyar at their eponymous Boyar Value Group. Just a month or so ago, they issued a thought-provoking piece of in-depth investment research, modestly entitled, “Boyar’s Guide to Profiting From Uncertainty.”

Mark, is an iconoclastic value investor of the old school whom I have known, well, forever. Incredibly precise, detailed and thoughtful in his research, he’s stubborn enough to hold onto his painstakingly vetted ideas until they bear fruit. Mark has been a securities analyst since 1968 and has been actively managing money since 1975 — accumulating reams and reams of clippings of interviews in Barron’s and all the rest of the financial mediasphere over the years. Not to mention a money management record that has created great loyalty among his clients.

Jonathan, trained as a lawyer but a finance aficionado at heart, I only met recently. But he’s been working in the family firm since 2008 — after some early tutelage under Mario Gabelli — and seems as much a born value guy as his old man.

The two are convinced they’ve found an enduring edge in scooping up quality assets when they are temporarily tossed on the bargain counter by the ebb and flow outrageous fortune. Since we’ve seen a lot of that lately, seems a good idea to listen in.

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