Visualizing The Future Of Banking Talent

Many organizations say that their greatest asset is their people. In fact, Richard Branson has famously stated that employees come first at Virgin, ranking ahead of customers and shareholders. So, how do businesses effectively manage this talent to drive success? Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc This question is top [...]


JDP Capital Letter To Teekay Offshore Special Committee

JDP Capital Management's letter to Teekay Offshore Partners L.P. (NYSE:TOO) Special Committee, dated May 21, 2019. Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc rawpixel / Pixabay Attached is an open letter to the Special Committee that will decide to allow Brookfield Business Partners to under-bid for the remaining stub of Teekay Offshore [...]


Zebra Technologies Corp. (ZBRA) – In-Depth Investment Thesis

Article by Dilantha De Silva Investment thesis The 17% price return of Zebra Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:ZBRA) shares in the last 12 months came on the back of a strong financial performance from the company. Organizations around the world are continuing to shift to a more data-driven approach to business decision making, [...]


Inflation-Linked SPIAs Are A Bad Deal

I recently traded emails with someone who is provably smarter than me. He was very interested in buying a single-premium immediate annuity (SPIA) with payments linked to inflation, which is also called a real annuity. In the finance literature, real annuities are often depicted as the perfect product/investment for [...]


This Fund’s Likes Stocks Boosting Their Dividend Payments

geralt / Pixabay Many investors specifically look for dividend stocks when selecting investments for their portfolio, and that's exactly what Schafer Cullen Capital Management's High Dividend Value fund does. In the Fund's April letter to investors, which was reviewed by ValueWalk, portfolio manager Jim Cullen and team said 20 of [...]


Kyle Bass: SEA Economies, Mexico As A Proxy For China

ValueWalk's Raul Panganiban interviews Kyle Bass, the founder and chief investment officer of Hayman Capital Management. In This part, Kyle Bass talks about Southeast Asian economies, Mexico as a proxy for China, and how he positions his best ideas. See part 1 here - Kyle Bass: The Macro Picture Of [...]


Here’s What You Need To Know Before Investing In Asia

These days, it’s all about Asia… Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc sasint / Pixabay It’s hard to come across a company that isn’t connected to Asia one way or another… or one that doesn’t generate at least part of its revenue from this part of the world. Most of the world’s [...]


Lessons From Seth Klarman’s 1994 Letter

Like the majority of Baupost's investor correspondence over the years, Baupost's 1994 year-end  letter contains some valuable insights. However, the year-end letter is difficult to get hold of in full, although ValueWalk has a copy and some analysis. The 1994 letter is also a gem and we recently saw [...]


The Use And Misuse Of The CAPE Ratio

Advisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives. This article originally appeared on ETF.COM here. Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc The Shiller cyclically adjusted (for inflation) price-to-earnings ratio – referred to as the CAPE 10 because it averages the last 10 [...]


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