The Only Tool You’ll Need to Discover Quantitatively Backed Stocks & Strategies

The Power of Quantitative Investing with your Value Investing Strategy

We take over 10,000 stocks globally, and using our proprietary algorithm come-up with a list of up to 25 stocks that best match your investing style every single month. Discover stocks and strategies with the power of quantitative analysis.

Leverage the power of Sharealpha’s proprietary quantitative investing stock discovery tool to find stocks and strategies that billion dollar hedge fund investors are using.

Discover stocks using the following screeners:

  •  Factors
  • Legendary Investors 
  •  Dividend
  • Blueprint Portfolios
  •  Strategies

Discover Stocks through Factor Investing Investment Style

Discover the best stocks using your favorite factors. Select a single factor or multiple factors, market cap, sector, and country.

Factor screeners  include:

  • Momentum
  • Volatility
  • Quality
  • Profitability
  • Value

Find Stocks based on the Investing Style of Guru Investors

Wish you could find stocks like your favorite legendary stock investors? Use the legendary investor screener to easily discover the stocks they would likely trade based on their strategies.

Legendary investor strategies include:

  • Warren Buffett (patient investor)
  • Joel Greenblatt (Earnings, Yield Investor)
  • Benjamin Graham (Value Investor)
  • Peter Lynch ((P/E)/G Investor)
  • Kenneth Fisher (Price/Sales Investor)
  • James O’Shaugnessy (Growth Investor)

Invest Using Quantitative Strategies

You’Il be able to discover a simple to follow recipe each month using Blueprint portfolios investing in a combination of ETFs and stocks. You can also find top dividend stock ideas focusing on more than just the dividend yield.

Strategies include:

  • Basic Momentum
  • Short-Term Momentum
  • Short-Term Reversal
  • Residual Momentum
  • Idiosyncratic Momentum

Custom Dashboard to Watch Discovered Stocks & Strategies

Easily view and track suggested stocks and strategies in your custom dashboard. In-depth reporting and real-time prices. View how other investors are trading and what they are watching.

Simply share, screenshot, or even export your watchlist into an excel or CSV document.

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