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Robinhood Conference 2017 – Mandel Best Idea, Esports [UPDATED]

Below are some notes from Robinhood 2017 Investment Conference and Boaz Weinstein's pitch deck from that event -  please stay tuned for MUCH more! We have  lengthy notes. You can some more great conferences and information on some of the speakers who pitched at RobinHood such as lee Ainslie, Dan Loeb, Barry Rosenstein,  John Griffin, David Tepper, Ken Lagone, Larry Robbins, Note - this is for entertainment purposes only - also although we spend a lot of time on these notes they are not verbatim words spoken by the (mostly hedge) fund managers at the event last week in New York City.

Last updated at 10/29/17 10:33 AM EST Steve Mandel discusses his best idea PDF - we are up to 33 pages in notes more coming about four more speakers left so about 50 pages of notes on Robinhood 2017 Investment Conference in total - we did not even get the full conference but 50 pages aint bad! Stay tuned we hope to have the rest up by Tuesday along with C4Ks and I4Ks and EBI this coming week!

Updated  last with notes from biotech pitches and Michael Bloomberg's talk at 3:10PM EST on 10/27/2017 - embedded at bottom of document for subscribers - much more to come we are working on the notes still

Last updated at 10/27/17 4:40PM EST with discussion between Dan Loeb and Barry Rosenstein embedded in the PDF - more coming

Last updated 10/26/2017 11:30 AM EST with David Tepper notes

Ken Lagone with Lee Ainsle discussed the odds of a crash and focused on issues such as

Chinese banking system collapsing

Trade war

Geopolitical risk

David Tepper

Tepper likes Micro and sees it as an oligopoly comparable to airlines. He sees the new CEO as one catalyst for the stock. He also likes some Chinese internet giants such as Tencent and Alibaba

Larry Robbins

Robbins likes healthcare stocks such as UNH, Shire and he also pitched Delphi which he sees as a special situation as the company splits

Robbins thinks because of recency bias we are prone to believe that the market is over-valued.

Dan Loeb

Loeb says he is not that engaged in Japan and that zen-like attitude to invest in companies there.

Barry Rosenstein

Rosenstein says he was not afraid to be long WFM ahead of AMZN buyout because the analysts at JANA do a massive mount of research on every position they take. Rosenstein said that he had unsuccessfully tried to reach out to Amazon ahead of the merger and claimed he was pretty certain that there was buyer for WFM.

Alex Sacerdote of WhaleRock Capital

Alex is long a Japanese firm named Long Start Today with great CEO, dominant position with its ZOZO brand, net work effect moat and sees potential upside of over 60%.

Steve Mandel

Mandel  likes some themes which are disrupting industries such as video gaming and cloud software

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