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Roubaix Capital Profits With These Small-Cap Short Bets

Roubaix Capital's small and mid-cap US equity long/short strategy ended the first quarter of 2020 down 0.3% net. According to a copy of the firm's first-quarter investor update, a copy of which ValueWalk has been able to review, Roubaix's small and mid-cap equity strategy outperformed its benchmark, the HFRI Equity...

Kuppy’s Praetorian Capital: Seeking Value In Tankers

Harris Kupperman's Praetorian Capital had a pretty rough first quarter. The fund lost 41.2% net of fees during the first quarter of 2020. That's according to the firm's first-quarter investor letter, a copy of which ValueWalk has been able to review. Writing in his first-quarter investor letter, Kupperman said that...

Seth Klarman’s Tips Long-Term Investing Success

Seth Klarman is one of the greatest value investors alive today. Over the past few decades, his hedge fund, the Boston-based Baupost, which manages around $30 billion of assets for clients around the world, has achieved an average annualized return in the region of 20%. What's more, Baupost often...

Seth Klarman: We Like Twisted, Damaged, Blemished Apples

In his now out-of-print book, Margin of Safety: Risk-averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor, Seth Klarman opined that value investing could be a "very lonely undertaking." He went on to add that value investors may often experience "poor, even horrendous" performance compared to the rest of the market...

Einhorn’s Comeback Continues: Greenlight Up 18.7% Net YTD

Billionaire hedge fund manager David Einhorn reported his worst year ever last year. Greenlight Capital's main fund lost 9% in December, bringing its decline for 2018 to 34%. However, the fund manager's fortunes have improved this year. Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc If you’re looking for value stocks, and exclusive...

George Soros Part Eight: Reflexivity and Karl Popper

George Soros is one of the most successful hedge fund managers ever. While at the helm of the Quantum Fund (founded by Soros and Jim Rogers in the 70s), he generated an average annual return for investors of 30%. Across this ten-part series, I’m taking a look at Soros’ life, trading career, and...

Interview with Zeke Ashton of Centaur [Pt. 5]

This is the final part of a five-part interview with Zeke Ashton Portfolio Manager and founder of Centaur Capital Partners. The interview is part of ValueWalk’s Value Fund Interview Series. Throughout this series, we are publishing weekly interviews with value-oriented hedge funds, and asset managers. All the past interviews in the...

This Hedge Fund Is Winning On E-Commerce

WCM Global Growth Limited was up 4.03% for January, just barely missing its benchmark MSCI All County World (ex-Australia) Index, which gained 4.54% for the month. However, WCM has beaten its benchmark looking at the last three, six and 12 months and since inception. The MSCI All Country World...

What If Theranos Was A Hedge Fund?

The amazing story of Theranos, a company started in 2003 by a 19-year-old Stanford dropout, is told in page-turning detail in a recent book by Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou. Despite an incredibly distinguished board, leading venture capital investors, raves from a respected Stanford dean and contracts with...

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