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Christopher Mittleman: Undervalued Stocks in an Unappealing Market

Christopher Mittleman, Mittleman Brothers is speaking next on the topic of finding ‘Severely Undervalued Stocks in an Unappealing Market'. This is live coverage from the 9th Annual Value Investing Congress.

Christopher Mittleman: Undervalued Stocks in an Unappealing Market

Christopher Mittleman is Managing Partner & CIO for Mittleman Brothers. Mittleman Brothers is a value-oriented firm, managing concentrated, global equity portfolios for HNWIs, as well as institutional investors. Mittleman Brothers invests its clients’ capital in a portfolio of 10 to 20 businesses that the firm believes have a moat, as evidenced by a well-established track record of substantial FCF, and purchases companies trading at a discount to their margin of safety.

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Christopher Mittleman live coverage

Jumps right in to pitching TV AZTECA SA DE CV (OTCMKTS:AZTEF) —2nd largest spanish language TV programming producer in the worl (Grupo Televisa is #1)

2.9B shares outstanding for a $1.6B market cap company

Sees advertising in Mexico as a big positive

Recent poor results are from soap operas

Basing his valuation on relative comps (44% upside)

(2:29pm EST) Next Idea: CMIC Holding Co (2309:JP) –largest independent contract research organization in japan

CEO owns 40% of outstanding shares, 12% EBITDA margins

Owner/Operator situation. been in business for 21 years.

Recent quarters have been weak, but mittleman thinks it will get better soon

86% upside potential from current price


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