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Facebook Might Block Your Account If You're A 'Chutiya'

In the social networking world of Facebook and Twitter sometimes people use their nicknames instead of the full names. That doesn’t mean that they are using a fake name. However, Facebook officially has strict rules which doesn't allow users to choose any false identity, pseudonym or nickname. But what if you are popularly known by a nickname, or your last name? And how would you feel if Facebook blocks your account for even using a real name?

Facebook Might Block Your Account If You're A 'Chutiya'

Facebook deleted the accounts of some members belonging to a Hindu group, because they confused a word with an offensive term in the Hindi language.

Members of the All Assam Chutia Students' Union (AACSU) found out recently that their account was blocked. Facebook confused the last name Chutia with the offensive word in Hindi; Chutiya or Chutia. Facebook thought that the names were fake.

Jyotiprasad Chutia, AACSU general secretary said “Facebook has blocked the accounts of all the subscribers belonging to the Chutia community of Assam thinking the names are false and fabricated. For Chutia being an abusive word in the Hindi language, Facebook authorities thought that the account holders are fake and fabricated. But, they are still unknown to the fact that Chutia is an ethnic tribe of Assam which has a rich historical background in the state history”.

There are words in languages that are offensive to some depending on their personality. Facebook isn’t an expert on languages in every country where it has users. It is plausible that this unfortunate incident could happen again.

Interestingly, on the other side, Facebook has not removed big Facebook pages that actually have demeaning words. For example, “ye kya chutiyapa hai” have over 60,000 subscribers and they post humorous information.

Twitter and Google+ let users to use a pseudonym on their accounts.

Social Networks are expected to monitor the content on the accounts and not  the names.

What do you think about Facebook blocking your account because your first name or  last name has a word they think means something else? I guess Facebook should create a way to get in contact with users and see if they are actually not complying with their standards before they block the account.


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