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Gibraltar Stock Exchange

Gibraltar Stock Exchange: Europe's Most Competitive And Fastest Gateway Solution

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) is Europe’s newest stock exchange. With a focus on reputation, regulation and speed to market, GSX’s unique listing solutions can offer:

  1. A European gateway solution for non-EU and EU alternative fund managers using securitization providing promotion rights, prospectus passporting and UCITS eligibility
  2. Bond issues for SMEs at competitive rates
  3. Reinsurance solutions using Securitization (ILS, Cat-bonds)

With the EU representing 25% of global wealth, many global fund managers, corporates and even insurers realize it’s an important capital pool and too large to ignore. But, many non-EU managers, particularly in Asia and the US, see AIFMD as a problem. Stats tell you that 90% are relying on reverse solicitation. That may not be a long-term solution, but it’s what people are doing.

By listing a fund on Gibraltar Stock Exchange or creating a securitization solution with a GSX member firm could be considered as dipping your toe into the European swimming pool without actually making that big decision (and big investment) about whether to come onshore.

Gibraltar is part of the EU and fully compliant with EU law and directives. The jurisdiction has been enjoying a continuous GDP growth of 10% p.a. for many years. GSX is the newest building block in Gibraltar’s strong and diversified financial services industry.

Gibraltar Stock Exchange: Europe’s most competitive and fastest gateway solution for non EU managers, corporates and insurers

Hear Nick Cowan and Phil Young speak about:

  • Listing on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange: How does it work?
  • Case study 1: Non-EU fund manager seeking EU access using a securitization solution
  • Case study 2: SME seeking debt finance
  • Case study 3: Reinsurer securitization risk solution

Nick Cowan, Managing Director of Gibraltar Stock Exchange, has over 30 years investment industry experience in Developed and Emerging Markets including four years as the Global Head of Equity Trading followed by five years as the Global Head of Equities for ING Barings, serving as a Member of the Executive Committee,. He was responsible for 2,500 employees in 43 countries, including 40 stock exchange memberships as well as numerous restructurings, turnarounds, acquisitions and divestments.

Marketing Director Philip Young has over 26 years investment industry experience. Mr Young began his career in investment banking before moving to investment management where he spent 5 years with a start-up hedge fund and 5 years with a principal emerging market private equity firm. Mr Young is a CFA Charterholder.

Gibraltar Stock Exchange

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