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Google Beats Apple, Facebook and Twitter In Popularity

Google Beats Apple, Facebook and Twitter In Popularity

In a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll 82% of Americans expressed a favorable opinion of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), 74% favorable of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), 58% for Facebook and 34% for Twitter.

Google Beats Apple, Facebook and Twitter In Popularity

This was an interesting study because I would have suspected Apple to be higher than Google. However, it appears that the search engine is the most popular tech company out there. Only 9% of people surveyed said they had a negative view of Google. Apple’s negativity came in at 13%, not far behind Google.

Facebook posted okay numbers but 28% said they had a negative view of the social networking site. However, this number could be skewed because of all the constant changing Facebook does of its user face and simply people have bad experiences with their “friends”. Regardless, you can’t argue with bronze.

Twitter posted the most horrendous numbers compared to the other three tech titans. Only 34% said they had a favorable opinion of the site. Compared to 36% who said they had unfavorable views. When you have more people that have negative views than positive views about your website that means you need to make some changes. I hope Twitter’s management looks at this and makes some changes to the site because they are not as popular as previously thought.

I have experience with all three companies, as most Americans have. The only real surprise I see from this is the fact that Google beat out Apple. Other than that, everything seems to be inline. Facebook’s constant changing is a bit of a bother but a useful tool. I attempted to use Twitter but I found their user face to be complicated for new users. I would recommend simplifying the website and making it easier for new users to get started. Facebook does a pretty good job of that, look at their numbers.

As for Google and Apple, this could heat up the competition. Last week, another survey came out about smart phone market share and it turns out that Google’s Android phones are outselling Apple’s iPhone. Now this survey says that Google is overall more “popular” than Google. If I was Apple, I would not be concerned because this survey was only conducted in the US. Apple is much more popular than Google in the rest of the world at least that is how it is perceived. Bottom line, I can’t wait to see how both tech companies continue to battle it out and which one eventually comes out on top.

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