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Greenlight Capital Investor Meeting: "Rethinking Reinsurance"

Greenlight Capital Re, Ltd. (NASDAQ:GLRE)'s Investor Meeting presentation titled “Rethinking Reinsurance”. The audio from the Investor Meeting can be found here, and see good notes on that from here.

Below is also a new presentation from Greenlight Capital RE.

Greenlight Capital: Underwriting Approach

A fundamentally different approach to the reinsurance business

  • Focus on downside on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Fewer, bigger deals that are important to our clients and to us
  • Focus on deal economics
  • Bottom-up approach to underwriting portfolio
  • Portfolio is sum total of good opportunities
  • Small team of highly skilled generalists

Greenlight Capital: Measure of Performance

greenlight Growth in book value

Greenlight Capital: Where are the opportunities going forward?

Remain in relatively short duration lines with exposure to primary and low excess layers

We expect to continue to have concentrations in:

  • Florida Homeowners (limited wind)
  • Employer Stop Loss
  • Non-standard Automobile

Health, including employer stop loss, may grow as a result of opportunities from full implementation of ACA

Rate changes in U.S. commercial lines and workers’ compensation may make these areas more attractive

U.K. market opportunities are expected to increase as a result of our efforts in Ireland

See full Greenlight Capital Investor Meeting: “Rethinking Reinsurance” in PDF Format here via Greenlight Capital

Greenlight Capital Investor Meeting: "Rethinking Reinsurance"


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