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Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass blows Another One With Short Yuan Bet?

This guy hates Kyle Bass but this is pretty entertaining regardless. See it below.

Published on Feb 15, 2016

Chinese yuan has biggest rise since 2005. Kyle Bass was shorting it.

0:29dead debt crisis because Kyle Bass just completely doesn’t understand sovereign
0:35money and of course there’s the debt crisis in Japan rates are negative the
0:43government isn’t even paying people to hold its paper people are paying the
0:47government to hold Japanese government bonds and the end hours surging after
0:54several years were yeah it came down but it was well within historical levels now
1:01it’s urging so he was totally wrong on the Japanese debt crisis and he just
1:06looks like lost a lot of money right now betting against the one so this is what
1:12happens when you you know you’re kind of ideological and and really don’t strive
1:20to to find out how things operate and the various monetary systems I mean he
1:30just does not understand sovereign money like a lot of these big hedge fund guys
1:34look at all of the guys who lost you know buying gold when the Fed was doing
1:40that monetary operations thinking it was going to be hyperinflation it’s just
1:45really funny to watch these guys I mean what’s incredible about them is that
1:49they manage lots and lots of money I don’t know how they get it because
1:52they’re mostly wrong and the times that they do make money if you really look at
1:57their beds those are like rig bets that’s inside information
2:04the times when they just kind of goal with their wits they’re completely
2:10completely wrong
2:12so anyway just wanted to mention that and by the way stock market looking very
2:15good today we have a holiday here in the united states however futures are up
2:19down futures are up over 200 points turned right on a dime when I issued my
2:25buy buy buy recommendation based on the fiscal flows that I look at and one last
2:32thing I do publish a weekly report called the fiscal trend trader you want
2:38to sample copy of that report just go to my website pitbull economics dot com

Kyle Bass


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