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A Manual on Common Stock Investing: Book

A Manual on Common Stock Investing

  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 12, 2013)

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What to buy? When to buy? When to sell? In A Manual on Common Stock Investing, John Rotonti addresses these questions and more by laying out what he believes to be the principles of successful investing. The goals of the book are to explain common stock investing, help guide an investor's search for intelligent long-term investments, and motivate the reader to pursue a lifelong study of business and investing. The author stresses the importance of balancing quantitative and qualitative analysis. That is, he discusses the metrics most useful to evaluating a business, and he urges the reader to do enough research so that he understands how the numbers are generated and what the numbers mean. In an attempt to show the reader the types of questions that should be asked during the research process, the author provides analysis on a handful of different companies from different industries. John Rotonti pulls no punches, telling the reader that successful investing requires lots of reading, lots of thinking, and long periods of time when an investor will do very little buying or selling. In an age of high-frequency trading, John advises the reader to slow down to make sure that he has adequately answered all the important questions before making an investing decision. Perhaps most important, John Rotonti explains the significance of taking a business-minded approach to investing and how emotional discipline, more than anything else, separates the successful stock pickers from the unsuccessful ones.

A Manual on Common Stock Investing


“Patience and conviction are hallmarks of successful value investing. In his new book, John Rotonti explains the importance of these and many other investment principles in a clear, easy to read format.” – James Russell Kelly, Director, Gabelli Center for Global Investment Analysis at Fordham University”A handy primer that gets beginning investors started down the right road: Buy quality and buy it well.” – Joe Magyer, Advisor, Inside Value and Hidden Gems AU at The Motley Fool”Great starting point for learning how to be a more intelligent investor. Chock full of sound advice and investing ideas. Chapter 7, Preventing Permanent Loss of Capital, is worth the price of the book alone.” – Charles Mizrahi, Author of Getting Started in Value Investing and Editor, Hidden Values Alert

“John Rotonti's succinct and enlightening 17 chapter book is a must read for any beginning investor. It is also a worthwhile read for experienced investors who need a periodic tune-up. If you want to make money in the stock market read this book and adopt its principles.” – Robert Hagstrom, Chief Investment Strategist at Legg Mason Investment Counsel and author of The Warren Buffett Way

“John Rotonti has written a very useful guide for those investors who want to own stocks as opposed to funds or ETFs.  Rotonti does a very good job of explaining the key principles that are essential for investors who wish to invest along the lines of Warren Buffett, Ken Fisher, and Peter Lynch.  The book is full of common sense ideas which are essential to picking ‘winners' yet at the same time, his ideas are accessible to the non-professional investor. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his book.” – Jason Donville, President & CEO Donville Kent Asset Management

About the Author

John L. Rotonti Jr., is a private investor and a Fellow at the Gabelli Center for Global Investment Analysis. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude from the University of Richmond and received an MBA from the Tulane Freeman School of Business, where he graduated as a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society. John spends his time reading, writing, and lecturing on business and investing. He has given guest lectures at both the Gabelli School of Business and Tulane University on topics ranging from value investing to analyzing banks and insurance companies. John hopes to publish his second book in early 2015.

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A Manual on Common Stock Investing

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A Manual on Common Stock Investing: Book

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