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Fraud Of The Week – The Next Tesla – Hurry Buy Now!!

I mentioned on Twitter the other day how I have such good stories about fraudsters approaching the site that I should start writing them up. The supply is endless, so it is a demand side question.

Unfortunately, because of the way criminals and trolls manipulate our legal system, I am unable to mention names and have to redact details because sketchy companies are the most likely to sue because they want to cover things up. Anyway, I get so many ICO ones I thought I would start off with a good old fashion penny stock scam and the person came using an already written article. All these items will be real interactions with people. I still get blasts that end in spam about how this next stock is going to be like Apple and nowadays its more this ICO will be the next…. but I exclude those because they probably spam millions of people.
I am redacting details, but it is still possible someone could figure out the company, so I am not accusing them of fraud nor providing investment advice. Additionally, if this column gets attention (and I am not doing it for the $1 in ad revenue but to heighten awareness, and for the LOLz), I might play along a bit more to try and pry out details.
Anyway, here we go note that we get pitches like this daily even though under both our advertising and guest post section we write:
We pride ourselves on ethics, integrity, and complying with the law. Therefore, we do not accept posts on the topic of or linking to sites about binary options CFDs, Forex, Casinos, and other related products unless they are regulated in The United States. We do not accept any sponsored (or non sponsored) posts on penny stocks regardless of location and if stock pitch/activity looks suspicious, we will flag them as potential pump and dumps to colleagues and/or regulators who work on fraud busting. ICOs are a new area see this article for general guide on topic and/or FINRA’s warning.
No penny stocks or write-ups on companies which are illiquid and/or speculative. Binary options, CFDs, Forex, Gambling, etc are only accepted if US ONLY regulated – we will not accept those for any amount of money
Without further to do…
REDACTED as one time favor



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