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RBR Capital Says Mental Training Part Of "Secret Sauce"


It extremely rare that a top hedge fund manager talks about his “secret sauce” as openly and transparent like Rudolf Bohli.

The fund's performance as a Europe-Ex UK equity long/short hedge fund really stands out.  For example, he was one of the very few equity managers who after “killing it” with over 60% gross (45% net) returns in 2009 came out of the 2008-2009 financial crisis with actual gains for his investors.

RBR Capital is one of Europe’s top long/short equity hedge funds and offers Cayman and UCITS hedge funds. The RBR European Long Short (LUX) net performance since 2003 stands at over 250%, the fund also takes the top spot in a Bloomberg ranking over the last five years with 16.2% annualized net return. RBR’s long book has outperformed MSCI Europe ex-UK by 20% p.a. while the short book outperformed by 4.2% p.a., adding strong market resilience in down markets. Despite the fund's long bias, beta has been range bound with just 0.5 historically versus MSCI Europe ex-UK.

This Opalesque.TV BACKSTAGE interview offers fascinating insights how today’s top hedge funds are run and how RBR went from a start-up to a top ranked hedge fund, mastering multiple market crises on the way.

CEO and CIO Rudolf Bohli points out that mental training, which is followed by him and his analysts, is working “exceptionally well” for the team and therefore forms part of their (now not any more…) “secret sauce”. The training, which the company applies since 2011, has significantly contributed to take the firm “to the next level”.

Bohli also talks about:

  • RBR’s research process and special skills in stock selection and position sizing
  • How RBR survived the 2008 and 2011 crises
  • Risk Management: A different view on stop losses and intelligent tail risk protection against macro risks.

RBR Capital Says Mental Training Part Of “Secret Sauce”

Rudolf Bohli is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of RBR Capital. He has over 17 years experience in investment management and research in equities and interest rate derivatives. Prior to founding RBR Capital, Rudolf was the Head of Research for Bank Bellevue, a leading boutique broker. Rudolf started out trading short term interest rate securities and derivatives at UBS Warburg. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich. RBR Capital is regulated by FINMA.

RBR Capital Says Mental Training Part Of "Secret Sauce"


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